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Written Prayer

I am warning you this will be a little long. But please read it. I am reading a book right now called Living Gods Love. In reading this book I have adopted the words of a daily prayer and made them my own. I want to give it to you to read. Think about making it a daily practice to pray this prayer. I give you warning though, it will be easy to read through this prayer quickly and not give it’s words much thought as it becomes part of your daily routine. It’s important to slowly pray this prayer and let the words sink in. This is not meant to take place of your other prayers. Doing this first thing in the morning helps me gear up for my daily walk with God. I hope it can do the same for you.

Father, I begin this day with the recognition that it is a gift from you. It is another day that you have provided, and I will rejoice and be glad in it. I accept it with a spirit of thanksgiving, remembering that each moment is irreplaceable and holy, and must not be wasted on bitterness or self-seeking.

Dear God, this privilege I have of speaking to you as a son/daughter to a father is also a gift from you-a gift made possible because of the sacrifice of Jesus. Just the thought of this causes me to shout your praise. You are holy God, the only God, God almighty, and I pray that your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I ask that you give me food for my table and forgive me of my sins as I forgive those who sin against me. I also ask for help in my continuing battle with satan.

May I this day find peace without want. I pray that I will overcome my craving for things-knowing that such demands are never ending and that life cannot be established on such a false foundation.

I will work toward treating everyone well. I will love them with no thought of reward. I will weap with those who weap and rejoice with those who rejoice.

Today I will strive to be humble in demeanor as well as in thought, for I know that pride can warp my life. Because I know myself, I confess that I have nothing about wich to be proud. My weakness and limitations cause me to face problems that often defeat me. Therefore, I confess my need for your help and the help of others-this help I will seek daily.

I will also work on developing patience. I will try to maintain a quiet mind in wich your spirit might work. I know there is value in silence in your presence and in the presence of others. May listening be my gift to those around me.

It is my goal to be less judgmental. This means I will be careful about the advice I give to others as well as any criticism I might make of them.

Because of my love and concern for my family and my friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, good works, and the world in general, I pray for the following. [This is followed by a period of petition for others by name].

I hope you will think about making this apart of your daily prayer if you don’t already have something similar.


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Every now and then a salesman will come in the store and try to sell me something, and others will stop in and ask for donations. Today was a first for me! First,  this man entered the store and pitched the Lions Club and wanted donations. As soon as he was finished, he said, I also own a funeral home and I would like to help you out if I could. Then he said come and see me if I can help you. Then laughingly said I do mean vertically of course. At first I thought he was just kidding with me but he pulled out a business card and gave it to me. Wow! You know the economy is in bad shape when a funeral home is having to sell door to door.

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Technology is amazing! It is unbelievable to think about where it has taken the medical practice. I have been watching the new show Hopkins. Last night, there was a boy that received a heart transplant. Not to long ago humans were dying from diarrhea and now with technology we are taking a heart from one person and giving it to another. 

Technology is everywhere. Video games, big screen TVs, computers and etc. How do we keep from being so immersed in the technology around us that we start to replace the eternal awesomeness of God with the temporary awesomeness of technology. The problem with being immersed in technology is we start to rely on it. (For Example) When we are having a bad day we might turn to the television to live our lives through someone else which is usually a fictional character and then we get depressed because our endings are never the fairy tell endings like they are on TV. That creates a whole new set of problems.

Technology can be so much fun! I love searching the web. I like watching tv and I love a good movie. It is easy to live in the comforts of technology. Here is the “however” part. However, these things that seem so reliable to fix our every problem and fill every void only last for a minute.

In a world filled with the distractions of technology, how do we stay focused on God? I’ve seen some church’s use awesome sound systems to aw the members because the old ones were dull and unimpressive. We are using video systems with big screens to try and keep peoples attention. I am glad I am not a preacher trying to come up with a sermon that can keep every ones attention this day in time. With today’s technology and it’s “awesomeness”, no wonder it’s so easy to find a man standing in front of a group of people “boring”. Our preacher is not boring by the way! Just thought I would state that since he may very well read this.

So, since we know that technology is making it more difficult to truly walk as Jesus would, the only way we can defeat this lie is immerse ourselves in His presence. When we immerse ourselves in His presence we find ourselves living in His awesomeness. When we see God as a God who is in some far off place, it is easy to turn to something close by like TV, Internet and whatever else to fill our needs. (Not that that is all God is here for.)

Think about this for a moment. Look directly to your left, God is right there. How awesome is that? When we start to see Him in our presence all of the time, we truly live. And I mean LIVE. Technology can’t compete with the awesomeness of God. So join me in taking our blinders off and immersing ourselves in His presence. I am slowly learning how to do this and believe me when I say there is nothing like it. I am finding myself to have peace in more areas of my life the more and more I immerse myself in His presence.

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

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I’m Impressed

On my way to work this morning I stopped at Walgreens behind my store to pickup some Coffee. They have Starbucks coffee already ground. I picked up some mild breakfast blend and made my way to the checkout. There was one checkout open and as I got closer I saw what was going on. A women was laying out all of her coupons. Use to, I would have been frustrated. As the checker went to work, this women and I stood there watching the dollars add up. My interest grew as we stood there. I wanted to see how much she would save. When she was done checking she said, “that will be two dollars and sixty-nine cents.” Then she said,” You saved a total of fifty two dollars and some odd cents. $52.00 The cashier and I looked at each other in disbelief. The woman started to leave so I threw my coffee up on the counter and asked her the obvious question, do you have anymore coupons? She laughed and said not for that! I walked out of there paying triple the amount for my coffee than she did for 4 bags of groceries. I was very impressed.

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Yesterday was an eye opening experience for me. For those of you that don’t know, I work for Americas Mattress in Bryant and have the job title “manager” even though there is very little to manage. “Salesman” is more fitting for what I do.

After opening up the store I received a call from the owner letting me know the delivery helper had called in sick at the last minute. He asked if I could help with the deliveries for the day and he would send someone down to replace me. I had filled in before and really enjoy the change of scenery so I was more than happy to help.

As we made our way through the list of customers I began to take notice of how differently people treated me. I was a “delivery man”. Conversation was different. I was getting frustrated because people were not treating me with respect. As their noses tilted upward, I found myself thinking of ways I could let them know, I am not really a delivery man, I am a manager! WOW I know!!! It’s true though. I told one customer the story, how the delivery helper was sick and I came to the rescue so they would still get their bed on time. I promise I am stooping down in my chair as I write this in disbelief at my actions.

I am back in my comfort zone behind my desk today. There are not many people out looking for a mattress today so I am left alone with my thoughts. What was I thinking? How could I let these people get to me? Hum…..Pride?

I turn to my bible for guidance and what scripture is highlighted in bright orange? 1 Peter 5:6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under Gods mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time. What? That “He” may lift me up. Not that “I” may lift myself up. So what is to be learned from this?

My pride needs work!!! This is somewhat an attempt to let go of some of that pride in confessing this to you. As I have said before, I ask God to show me the areas of my life that need work? As long as I remain open to hearing Him, I am confident He will continue to show me those areas.

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Old Man at Heart!

This morning my alarm clock sounded at 6:00. I reached over and began my morning routine by hitting the snooze button every five minutes until 6:30. Then, I sluggishly made my way to the bathroom to take a shower, shave, brush my teeth and work on my golf swing in front of the mirror.

As I looked up to see if my arm was straight enough in my back swing I saw a strange man looking back at me. Who is this fellow with a thinning and an almost noticeable receding hair line? It has been way to long since I have taken the time to stop and take notice of the aging process that has been taking place. I am starting to have characteristics of an old man! I’m only 28. How can that be?

A couple of months ago, I went down to the local hardware store and picked up a bird feeder and a thermometer to hang on the fence outside one of our windows. I enjoy watching birds and I like to know what the temperature is without having to watch the news. Kristin laughed at me and said that is something an old man would do.  Maybe so?

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I had a laugh this evening. When I got home for work I sat down at the dinner table to eat. The window to the back yard was behind me and we all know how much flies love windows, especially close to the dinner table. They don’t much bother me but I would agree that they are more than a little unsanitary. Kristin grabbed her weapon of choice, yes there is a choice at our house. We have towels, shirts, and even a fly swatter. She grabbed the fly swatter and made her way behind me. My only request was she didn’t knock them into my food. It sounded like war. At one point I was concerned she might break the window. After a little while  of swatting Kristin said, “One”. She was so proud to get one but I was sure she had killed at least 7 or 8 with all that swatting.

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