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I’m Impressed

On my way to work this morning I stopped at Walgreens behind my store to pickup some Coffee. They have Starbucks coffee already ground. I picked up some mild breakfast blend and made my way to the checkout. There was one checkout open and as I got closer I saw what was going on. A women was laying out all of her coupons. Use to, I would have been frustrated. As the checker went to work, this women and I stood there watching the dollars add up. My interest grew as we stood there. I wanted to see how much she would save. When she was done checking she said, “that will be two dollars and sixty-nine cents.” Then she said,” You saved a total of fifty two dollars and some odd cents. $52.00 The cashier and I looked at each other in disbelief. The woman started to leave so I threw my coffee up on the counter and asked her the obvious question, do you have anymore coupons? She laughed and said not for that! I walked out of there paying triple the amount for my coffee than she did for 4 bags of groceries. I was very impressed.


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