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The life of Joseph is one of my favorite in the bible. I imagine every man would like to have the power to rule over a country. Can you imagine the pride that would overcome most of us if we were put in that position. We would probably look back at the journey of making it to that point and marvel at the awesome things “we did” to get there.  Joseph recognized that his success came from God. Joseph had the heart of a servant and was not self-seeking.

What I like most about this story is Joseph’s ability to see Gods plan in his life after a series of bad stuff happening in his life. Can you imagine your brothers selling you into slavery after almost killing you and then put in prison because a woman said you tried to take advantage of her even when you didn’t. Most of us would grow bitter. At least I know I would. I might even start to question how God could allow such a thing to happen to me.

Joseph’s response is so awesome to his brothers when they go to Egypt.

Genesis 45:5  And now, do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you.

Genesis 45:8 So then, it was not you who sent me here. but God.

God allowed bad things to happen in Joseph’s life so he could use him to save lives. This story encourages me to ask myself this when things are tough: What is God preparing me for?


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In His Timing

God is working even when we are not. God answers prayers in His own timing. God knows what’s best for me. God works for the good.

These are statements that run through my mind when I start to think “I” need to do something, to make something happen quicker because it is not happening fast enough. When I look back over my life I see God connecting the dots. There are times that I have made choices not yielding to what He wanted but He still worked to bring the best out of it. I imagine God saying, “when are you going listen to me, things would be so much easier.” I am glad He has a plan, because I sure don’t!

The dots:

  • Church split in Muskogee, OK to make Muskogee Church of Christ
  • Church needed Youth Minister and hired Derek
  • Youth minister talked me into going to Harding instead of Tulsa Welding School
  • Grew closer to God and made friends with a girl at Harding named Kristin Davis from Conway, AR
  • Moved back to OK to work for dad building cell phone towers (traveled alot)
  • Working around Little Rock area a couple of years later. Lonely
  • Called Kristin Davis to say hello since I was in the area.
  • Three months later she became Kristin Bunch
  • Three years later had Abigail Elise Bunch (Abby)
  • This Saturday, August 9th, 5 year anniversary
  • Today, closer to God than I ever have been
  • Blessed         

I am where I am at because this is where God wants me to be and if it’s not He is working to get me there. It’s neat to think of all the dots God connects in all of our lives. This is a very short version of mine.


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I am excited see the work of God going on all around us. Sometimes I feel like I am just standing in the audience of a great show. I want to be apart of the show! Don’t get me wrong, I like to witness Gods work but I also like to be in the middle of it. Will you be in the middle of it with me?

I have a friend, a special friend that is immersed in Gods work all of the time. He has been a mentor for me and many others over the years. First, he was my youth minister guiding me through the pressures that come at that age. I have seen him guide groups to Mexico and various places. He has baptised many and prayed for many. He even prayed over my grandfather as he was about to die. His name is Derek Pfeifer.

Derek is the managing director for a nonprofit organization called Solatex. They install solar powered water wells in third world countries. How awesome is that. Can you imagine drilling a well and watching a village of people stand around and watch the gift of ever flowing water come out of the ground.

I want to ask you for a favor! As with most non-profit’s, money is limited because they rely on donations. If you feel led to send a donation please send it to: Solatex, 1610 N. County Line Rd. Fort Gibson, Ok 74434. You can send any amount you want. 10.00, 20.00, 1000.00, whatever you feel led to do. It takes about 7500.00 us dollars to complete a well. How awesome it would be to know that the money you send will change and save lives. You can also use PayPal on the website listed below.

You can also visit the website by clicking this link: http://solatex.com Please check it out.

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