I just have to find my way!!!


I am excited see the work of God going on all around us. Sometimes I feel like I am just standing in the audience of a great show. I want to be apart of the show! Don’t get me wrong, I like to witness Gods work but I also like to be in the middle of it. Will you be in the middle of it with me?

I have a friend, a special friend that is immersed in Gods work all of the time. He has been a mentor for me and many others over the years. First, he was my youth minister guiding me through the pressures that come at that age. I have seen him guide groups to Mexico and various places. He has baptised many and prayed for many. He even prayed over my grandfather as he was about to die. His name is Derek Pfeifer.

Derek is the managing director for a nonprofit organization called Solatex. They install solar powered water wells in third world countries. How awesome is that. Can you imagine drilling a well and watching a village of people stand around and watch the gift of ever flowing water come out of the ground.

I want to ask you for a favor! As with most non-profit’s, money is limited because they rely on donations. If you feel led to send a donation please send it to: Solatex, 1610 N. County Line Rd. Fort Gibson, Ok 74434. You can send any amount you want. 10.00, 20.00, 1000.00, whatever you feel led to do. It takes about 7500.00 us dollars to complete a well. How awesome it would be to know that the money you send will change and save lives. You can also use PayPal on the website listed below.

You can also visit the website by clicking this link: http://solatex.com Please check it out.


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