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New Job

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. I have started a new job. It started out extremely rough. Now it is just rough.  I went from sitting behind a desk every day to working in the elements while doing all sorts of physical labor. I work with a couple of nice guys but most of my co-workers are very crude. I guess I am having to go through some sort of initiation. For example, one of the workers decided to urinate on the tools I was using and then pulled his pants down to moon me. It was a tough decision, do I knock him out or pray for him. I went back and forth till I decided I would pray for him.  My body is tired. We work 7-12hr days and then get seven days off. I have bruises and scrapes and blisters all over my body. I get up at 2:30 in the morning and drive to Damascus to meet at camp. We leave at 4:00 AM to go to the Rig.  I usually get home around 7:00 PM. Last week we had alotof rain. My boots filled withwater all day so my feet were a wrinkly mess at the end of most days. At first I was struggling to remember to say my breath prayer throughout the day. When I worked behind my desk I had a cross by the computer that would remind me. Now, Every time I hear a cussword I say my prayer. This last week I walked around saying, “Jesus, please lead me” all day. I suppose He led me to prayer instead of knocking that great man out that urinated on my tools.

I imagine you are wondering why I would ever take a job like this. I am wondering the same thing. Actually, if I can get through this I have a chance to move up rather quickly. I get two weeks off every month to spend with my family. So it is not all bad. Please pray for me. Please pray that my body will heal and get used to the abuse it is taking.


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  1. Brady,

    We will be praying for you! The world can be such an ugly place, but perhaps you can be a light amongst those you work with. Take peace in knowing that God is in control.

    Love, Kendra and Ben

    Comment by Ben Z. | September 13, 2008

  2. Brady, I have been thinking/praying for you. Will continue to do so.

    Comment by freetolive | September 13, 2008

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