I just have to find my way!!!

Catching Up

I know I said I would try and be better about posting. I have just been wordpress lazy. We have been pretty busy playing when we are not working. Here is a little update.

I have been working on Rig 3 for Southwestern Energy (Desoto Drilling) for the past few weeks. We have had a really high employ turnover rate so each week I am working with someone new. This last hitch was the first one without a change. I am now seeing a chiropractor twice a week on my off week and that is helping my body heal quicker. I have lost 27 pounds since I started this job. I weigh less now than when Kristin and I first got married.

We have had several family outings since I have some time off of work now. That’s what makes it all worth it. I get to spend quality time with Abby and Kristin. Oh ya, and Grace. I went hunting in Reader, AR with Kristins dad this last days off. I scored an 8 point. This days off I am going to hunt in Oklahoma with my dad.

I finished the book “The Shack” I think it is called this last week. It’s a pretty good read. I have a favorite breath prayer now. It has really been good for me so I will share it with you. In fact, try saying this through out the day for a couple of days . Jesus, please lead me in my every word, thought, action, and especially my attitude. Mom you are probally the only one still looking at this so I love you and may not post on here anymore. I will probally just call you.


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