I just have to find my way!!!


My alarm clock sounded at 6:00 this morning. I found myself begging for more time. I was arguing with myself trying to make excuses as to why I deserved more sleep. I could take a quick shower, or skip breakfast, then I would be a stinkin hungry boy at work. Then came this thought, I can skip my alone time with God this morning. I have been doing so good, don’t I deserve a little extra sleep. Maybe, I could just lay here in bed and accomplish my alone time. Laziness prevailed!!! As soon as I made the decision to stay in bed for quiet time I fell back asleep.

15 minutes later I woke up again. I felt horrible. I wanted to stand up in my bed and scream,”away from me satan”. Something so powerful and meaningful as time spent with God and I just dismissed it to gain a little more sleep. I’m surprised He didn’t make me have nightmares in that 15 min. He should have. I Pray that He will use snakes in my dreams if I ever do that again.

I was able to get around a little quicker than normal this morning and still got a chance to spend some time with God before I left for work. But the damage had already been done. I had already made the choice and I chose laziness. I am thankful we have a forgiving Father. I hope and I pray that in the future I will have the strength to overcome my laziness in discipline and recognize this was an attempt from satan to stand in the way of me and my Fathers relationship.  Proverbs 26:14 “As a door turns on its hinges, so does the lazy man on his bed.”




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A couple of years ago I read a book that contained a story in it about a farmer. I can’t remember what book it was but this particular story has stuck with me.

This farmer a had several hundred acres to tend to. One day while in the pasture working away he felt tired and weary. He said I just can’t do this anymore. I mean, all these pastures require so much work. All of the cows are so much work, and the fences seem to always need mending. He thought, I am going to sell this place and rid myself of all this hard work.

The farmer called the newspaper and asked them to come up with an add to put in the classifides for him. He asked that before they ran it in the paper, he wanted them to call him so he could make sure it sounded good enough.

The next day a woman called him from the paper and said it is done and this is what will be in the paper. “Beautiful ranch with rolling pastures and cows that graze in the wonderful hay meadows. It is fully fenced and cross fenced already. Each pond is stocked with fish for those days you just want to relax. It has a garden made for kings that grow some of the best tomatoes. If you are looking for a little piece of heaven here it is.”

After she had finished reading it to him he was silent for a second. Then he said, don’t run that add. I have been looking for a place like that my whole life.

Isn’t that a great story? It has really helped me over the past couple of years. Lately, our preacher “Dusty” has made me think of this story in his sermons. This last Sunday he said, “If you embrace the presence of Christ, you will find peace in what life has dealt us.” I have found that to be so true in my life. I don’t have a farm, but I do have a job, family, and friends. I believe we could all find negative in just about any situation. The JOY we can have in embracing the presence of Christ is the obvious choice.

May we see the beauty and all that is good in our life today and ask God to give us strength when we start to weaken.


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Inside or Outside

Ok, I have been reading other peoples blogs for a while now and have really wanted to start one for myself but I have felt a little intimidated and scared because I am not the best when it comes to grammar and spelling and I tend to write run on sentences like this one I am writing now. Oh, Well

To be completely honest, I am fearful of how others percieve me and more often than not I let that get in the way of my commitment to God. I mean, why is it so scary to let your guard down? If I could only let all my reservations go, then God would be able to use me in the way He intended to.

I used to travel all over the southern states with my job. Sometimes I would be gone for a week or two so there where many nights that my wife Kristin would be at home alone. On more than one occasion, she called me and said she heard things inside or outside our house. We lived in the country and Kristin had always lived in town so she wasn’t used to all the noises associated with country living. I think for the most part she probally heard squirrels on the roof but regardless it was frightening for her.

I had just come home from along trip and Kristin had made me a wonderful dinner consisting of hashbrown casserole and poppy seed chicken. It was certainly a great welcome home meal. However, (this is the real me letting my guard down here) late that night after we had gone to bed I couldn’t sleep thinking about all that I needed to catch up on. It was well into the early hours of the morning when I felt the urge to free myself of the gas that built up within me from dinner. I layed there thinking, I am so comfortable and don’t want to get out of bed. So after 5 seconds or so of decision making I decided to let it go right where I was. I knew for sure she wouldn’t hear it as I felt it would be a silent one. And surely she couldn’t smell it if there was a smell. I mean, can you smell when you are sleeping? 

Silent it was not! Kristin raised up in the bed and reached over to make sure I was there. In a state of panic she asked, was that inside or outside. Trying to hold back the laughter I said I’m pretty sure that was inside.  This was pretty humorous but later I found myself asking, why did she always ask if the noise was inside or outside? Was it because if it were inside someone or something had made it’s way into our dwelling and that left all kinds of possibilities for what could happen next. Could it be that as long as it was on the outside she felt safe because she would have time to make a plan, to call someone, or get the gun?

Silly, it seemed to me. Then I thought I do do the same thing only with people. I feel safe as long as they don’t have access to whats inside imediately. As long as I have time to make a plan on whether or not I want to let someone in and how I will do that then I will be at no risk. I am trying to take baby steps and asking God to work on me in this area of my life. So this is a starting point. I want to put myself outside so that whatever creature it is making noise may see that I have a light. Jesus gave it to me. And I hope that they will find it appealing so they may see that He is my protector, my savior, and my joy and will want to be apart of that.

I have learned in this process already that it is when I let my guard down and show people who I really am, I also learn who I am and what I would like to change about myself. In that change I start becoming the person who God wants me to be. Afterall, isn’t it about Him anyway?

One of the scriptures I am working on right now is Mathew 5:16 In the same way let your light shine before men so that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. How appropriate?

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