I just have to find my way!!!


Cell phones!!! They can be great. You can call people in other states and not be charged long distant fees. You can text a simple message or even send a picture to a loved one.

I just want to remind you it’s ok if you don’t answer every time it rings. Most people on the calling end would much prefer to get a nice greeting when they call someone. Unless you are somehow gifted in the art of all knowing, callers don’t know if it is a good time to call or not. I would assume if it is not, the receiver just won’t answer.

Do people answer just to let you know you are calling at a bad time?  And you can hear it in their voice,”yessss,” or “hellooooo”  I am in the middle of……..?  So why did you answer. Also, they do have off buttons so the ring won’t even bother you.

Just remember that the person that loves you or cares about you enough to call you may just want to hear your voice or may want to see how you are doing? I think it is a good practice to talk to people like it’s the last time you will ever speak to them. You never know it may be. So just don’t answer the phone until you can answer it with a proper greeting.


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